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Rev. Dr. Tyrone Hicks, Pastor
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Mission Statement
The mission of St. Andrews' A.M.E. Lay Organization is to provide training and promote active involvement of the laity in studying the history of African Methodism, the A.M.E. Book of Discipline, Christian Stewardship, Evangelism and Parliamentary Procedures.

Following is a partial list of workshops conducted previously. If you would like to participate in a repeat session, please contact the Lay Organization at 916-448-0881. 

A.M.E. Conferences (Church, Quarterly District, Annual)
How many are there? What is the purpose of each? How often are they held? Who presides? This workshop will provide answers to these and other questions about A.M.E. Conferences.  

Christian Life and Witness
An in-depth study designed to help Christians revitalize their own faith and share it with others. Church Worship and Protocol
Do you know what elements are present at every AME worship service? Do you know the meaning and significance of each? Not sure? This is the workshop that will help you to understand.  

Class Leader System
This session will help you to understand the class system in the AME Church and the role of the class leader.  

Discovering and Understanding Your Spiritual Gift
What is your spiritual gift? God gave each Christian one or more gifts to be used for His glory. This workshop identifies the spiritual gifts listed in the Bible and provides an exercise that will help you identify yours.  

How to Present the Plan of Salvation
Using your Bible, discover a simple approach to presenting the plan of salvation to people who have not accepted Christ as their Savior.  

New Members' Orientation
Click here for the course outline.

Parliamentary Procedures for Officers and Members
In this workshop you will learn basic parliamentary procedures including, but not limited to, how to conduct meetings, prepare agendas, make and amend motions and record minutes.  

Your A.M.E. Tools and How to Use Them
A workshop to help you learn how to use not only your Bible but also the A.M.E. Hymnal in worship, and how the A.M.E. Discipline is used in the Connectional and Local Church.  

Are you interested in topics not shown? Please e-mail us
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